27 november, 2008

Ericsson 3 tappade placering i stiltjen

Ericsson 3 har tappat tredjeplatsen i Volvo Ocean Race delsträcka till Indien. Medan Ericsson 4 har drygat ut sitt försprång till 72 Nm före tvåan så har Telefonica Blue (bilden) gått upp på andra plats, 72 Nm efter ledaren. Det är även mycket tajt mellan de öviga båtarna i racet. Mellan tvåan och sexan skiljer det bara 21 Nm.

ERICSSON 4 LEG TWO DAY 13 QFB: received 27.11.08 1237 GMT

Warm times aboard today as we leave the rain clouds of the doldrums and head into clear blue skies. Several of the boys have moved their mattresses up on deck now in the hope that sleeping temperatures are slightly more bearable than down below. The boat is humming to the sound of our little bunk fans desperately trying to get some air flow happening below decks.

Race wise, things are still going well. We have lost some of the lead earned yesterday but still hold a commanding position and are really hoping for an increase in pressure that may allow us to get the average speed up. 665 miles to go. Not far, similar to a Sydney Hobart race, but at 6kts boat speed, the finish is looking a long way off.

Spirits are still high aboard and conversation has turned to what lay ahead for us at the Cochin stop over.

Take care,
Ryan Godfrey – bowman