Långfärdssegling på båtmässan i Düsseldorf

För tredje gången arrangeras ”International boot Bluewater Seminar” på Boot i Düsseldorf. Denna gång tillsammans med bland andra Jimmy Cornell, Sönke Roever och flera andra talare.

Det populära seminariet hålls under ledning av långseglarexperten och navigatören Sönke Roever, som har varit med på Boot Düsseldorf i många år. Hans fängslande reseskildringar på engelska lockar stor publik. Över 150 deltagare från 20 länder fanns på plats förra året.

Här är mer information om årets seminarium på engelska:

Following this success we are more than happy to announce that the seminar will take place on boot 2019 again. On the second Saturday of boot 2019, January 26th, Sönke Roever invites the international audience at the Düsseldorf boat show to an exciting day seminar together with other well-known and reputable speakers such as the popular bluewater-expert Jimmy Cornell!

Sönke Roever is a very well experienced sailor who sailed more than 80,000 nautical miles, visited more than 50 countries by sea and spent more than 500 nights at anchor. In his entertaining lectures he will help the participants with useful information regarding their preparation for an upcoming long-distance cruise. The workshop covers all important issues regarding the right equipment of the yacht, energy management on board, communication, medicine, weather, crew management and competence.

In addition to the expert lectures given by Sönke Roever, other highly experienced speakers will be present at the seminar. One of them is Jimmy Cornell who is well-known all over the world. Jimmy has more than 200.000 nautical miles of experience. He sailed several times around the world, through the Northwest-passage an Antarctica. Jimmy is also a well-known author of cruising books and the founder of popular rallies such as the Atlantic Odyssey.

The popular meteorologist, weather router and Olympic coach Dr. Meeno Schrader talks about the global weather systems and explains large-scale weather conditions. The thoroughbred sailor with more than 50,000 nautical miles of experience shows how to deal with phenomena such as El Nino, Squalls or Easterly Waves and talks about the accuracy in prediction models.

Another speaker is Dr. Fabian Steffen, who is specialist for anesthesia and intensive care. He talks about the vital issue of “medicine on board”.

For further information on the seminar, please visit:


Tickets for the International boot Bluewater Seminar 2019 are available at the online ticketshop of boot.


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