10 september, 2019

Axopar uppgraderar med ny 37:a

Endast fyra år efter lanseringen av den banbrytande Axopar 37 presenterar det finska företaget en ny generation av 37-fotaren. Den här båten stod för mycket nytänkande när den lanserades med sina tuffa linjer och sjövärdiga skrov. Den nya modellen lovar ännu mer.

Hittills har Axopar producerats i över 2 000 exemplar. Båtfamiljen är en stor framgång, som bygger på snabba modellanseringar, modultänkande och stora volymer.

Under framtagandet av nya Axopar 37 har företaget jobbat nära sina kunder och återförsäljare för att förstå vad de helst vill ha. Resultatet blev denna smått revolutionerande båt.

Båten har flera nyheter som kommer att presenteras med start på Düsseldorfmässan i januari 2020. Det mest iögonenfallande blir måsvingarna över den främre kabinen i en av versionerna.

Här publicerar vi Axopars egen pressrelease på engelska om nya Axopar 37:

With a concept brief driven by the need to meet uncompromised quality at the right price, our R&D team were not content with merely face-lifting an existing model, preferring instead to follow a much more complex road to reinvent the Axopar 37 again. Without increasing its hull size or weight, we set forth to further revolutionise the range with an array of features & benefits that have never been seen on a boat within this category.

No easy way out – investing heavily in R&D and ‘inno-visions’

We strive to continuously improve our products, reinvesting into the development of each new generation that we develop.  This has demanded painstaking efforts and countless engineering hours in the R&D and engineering stage, determined, as we were, not to take the easy way out simply by adding one or two feet in length to accommodate all the new features on board.

We have never been afraid to break with convention and innovate.  The new boat, therefore, has a better ride, better comfort, better driving dynamics and a stiffer construction than ever before, alongside all the new industry firsts and creature comforts onboard.  We have basically enhanced everything that owners can see, touch and feel on their boats.

A new driving experience

By pushing existing boundaries, the most challenging and painstaking part of the R&D work has been to take the knowledge gained from our previous Axopar models’ hydro-dynamics to develop an entirely new hull, superior to its predecessor in terms of performance and handling, being stable and secure, but at the same time responsive and sporty in its character.

All of this, even when its predecessor is considered to be one of the best performing hulls on the market.

Meeting a new Trend on the water

The most valuable asset our customers have is time.

Modern boat owners enjoy busy lives, free time being their most treasured commodity, and how they choose to invest that time is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. We are proud that so many choose our products to maximise the value they gain during that precious free time.

There is a new trend arising – boaters want to maximise their experiences on the water during their free-time and there is a new demand to include other activities whilst spending time on the water. Axopar owners love to bring along with them a myriad of sports and lifestyle-orientated equipment, enjoying sports like fishing, water-skiing, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba-diving, hiking and mountain-biking, just to mention a few.

We have responded to this need by implementing new features such as a multi-storage compartment including a sundeck in the Open and Sun-Top versions, for holding large water-sports equipment. The Sun-Top and Cabin versions both benefit from a new roof-rack for transporting gear around.

Made for true Adventure!

No matter whether you choose the S, ST or XC version, the Axopar 37 range will safely take an entire family out for long-range adventures in supreme comfort, with capacity for overnight sleeping and great social spaces for quick picnics or relaxed sunsets. Generous fuel capacity and an intuitive driving feel ensures that even customers who are new to boating will be confident when driving the Axopar 37 in familiar or previously unexplored territories. Thanks to the safe and dry hull, you and your family will feel protected while exploring new locations, and then taking you safely to your home port every time, in any weather conditions.

The striking all-weather performer – Axopar 37 XC CrossCabin

We especially want to emphasise the global success and usage of the Axopar 37 Cabin, whether it be in the harsh, cold seas of Svalbad or in the sunny Caribbean. By utilizing our smart, unique concept of sharing the same platform between models, we deliver more than 50% of Axopar 37’s around the world as Cabin versions.

We saw the need for a fast and fully protected commuter with high comfort levels that can take you further on your journey, whatever the weather. We consider the Axopar 37 Cabin to be the “Gran Turismo” of the seas, that opens a world of possibilities for extended voyages, even in unpredictable weather.

The success of the 37 Cabin is due to its utilization of every foot onboard for socializing and practical living, whether indoors or outdoors, whilst driving or spending time at anchor. This, combined with its ability to safely take passengers from A to B in any conditions, also makes it the perfect charter and tender boat, as shown by its existing and future presence in the superyacht world.


What makes the reborn Axopar 37 stand-out?


Gullwing doors* – an innovation completely new to boating. By creating an entirely new space experience, we have completely redefined how a front cabin can be best utilized.

Customer feedback indicated that the front cabin on models currently on the market felt too ‘secluded’ and closed off. We responded with a new, innovative Gullwing door solution, that not only looks great, but completely opens-up this space, by introducing a more sociable feeling, making the front cabin work as an extension of the outdoors. This gives our customers the possibility to fully interact with and appreciate their outside surroundings like never before.

Vastly improved hull and hydro-dynamics – We have invested heavily in the development of our already excellent hull for an even further improved, softer, more comfortable and more compliant ride. This rewards everyone onboard with an enhanced, thrilling and sporty driving experience, now even stronger and stiffer, for a firmer ride with fine-tuned directional stability and fantastic grip during cornering.

Instantly recognizable, more streamlined appearance – Every shape is trimmed and streamlined for an enhanced appearance, still faithful to Axopar’s DNA and unique design concept and thus remaining instantly recognizable, without ever compromising on comfort onboard. As before – an esthetic yet functional design ensures that form and function go hand in hand.

More ‘driver-focused’ – redefined ergonomics contribute to a supremely practical and functional layout, with a raised floor for improved forward visibility, while still being able to maneuver the boat in a standing position. Even alone, the practical layout and driver-focused features ensure the skipper will always remain confident and in-control when handling the boat single-handed.

Hugely improved forward accommodation – we have significantly enlarged the front cabin, making it more spacious and more accommodating than before.

Enclosed toilet and shower solution* – Due to popular demand, we have introduced an optional toilet & shower compartment that provides privacy and a new level of comfort and convenience.

Multifunctional foredeck layout – The enlarged foredeck boasts a sociable seating area that transforms into a sunbed for those lovely warm days in the sun.

Elevated onboard experience – better utilization and more versatile social spaces onboard, safer passageways and reduced thresholds for optimized freedom of movement all around the boat. Staying true to the same key layout as before, but with a totally different feeling while onboard.

Revolutionizing the user-experience* – we want to bring the driving experience even closer to the ease and simplicity of driving a car, thus we have developed new intuitive solutions together with key partners like Simrad. To mention just one of these innovations, we are proud to introduce another industry first – the Axopar helm: a full information helm with flat-screen, full glass bridge infotainment / chart-plotter solution, which is further innovated and offers interactive functions that have never been seen on a boat before. Customers will be able to further enhance their boating experience with a soon to be launched, bespoke Axopar Smart App, developed together with Simrad.

The ultra-cool Revolution camouflage wrap* – if you like what Axopar has done to the launch boat, you can order yours in the same wrap as an option, if you really want to stand out from the crowd!

*Sold as optional equipment


One-boat, One-world

Developing boats that appeal to customers from different parts of the world is important and at the same time challenging for us and our ‘One-boat, One-world’ philosophy. Our boats need to suit all market needs, climates and different uses all around the world, which is possible due to our modular deck configurations and vast array of options. We strive to make the best ‘compromise’ in pursuit of the perfect boat.

Passion for boats, Passion for business

Ours is a company run with the spirit and passion of boating enthusiasts and the owners of Axopar are strongly rooted in the day-to-day operations. We live and breathe our own products, sharing the same experiences as our customers. It is this passion that drives us to continually improve our products for our customers.

Inside Axopar we’re an international mix of knowledgeable, motivated, friendly and open-minded marine industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds, with a shared passion for what we do. Many of us have grown up around boats from our earliest childhoods.

Why have we developed a new 37?

Co-founding partner, Jan-Erik Viitala, said:

“Our motivation is to ensure that we stay permanently ahead of the game, developing the best products for our customers. We have listened to our customers and we’re excited to build this new product upon a joint passion shared with our Axopar owners. We wish to wholeheartedly thank our customers, each of whom are living their own #axoparmoments, for making this journey together possible.

“The success of our products and company is attributable to the world-class team that we have assembled. We work on a long-term basis with all of our key partners, retaining competence in the same team, so that we can constantly evolve. We work as a tight knit unit through good times and bad, learning through each process to become stronger and wiser.”

“We look forward to launching even more revolutionary new Axopar models in the years to come!”

Axopar 37 range MY2020

Technical Specification:

Boat models: Axopar 37 S, 37 ST, 37 XC

Engine options: 2x 300-350hp

Starting price VAT 0%

Axopar 37 S  88,500 €

Axopar 37 ST  91,500 €

Axopar 37 XC  94,500 €

Preliminary starting prices – final prices to be released later in 2019

Main Specifications – Axopar 37 ST:

Length:     11.5m / 37ft 9in

Beam:      3.35m / 9ft 8in

Draft:        0.85m / 2ft 8in

Weight:    3590kg / 4277 lbs

Fuel Capacity:          730 litres / 160 gal

Construction:            GRP

Classification:           B-offshore

Max speed:               35-45kn

Outboard engines:    2x 300hp – 2x 350hp

Berths:     2              persons – (+2)*

*With optional Aft-Cabin